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Monday, 28 November 2016

Linux Mint is the Ultimate Distro

I haven't been on my Linux OSes for a while, and every time I use them after some period, Linux Mint really shines. So much so that I don't know why Ubuntu is still the "mainstream" Linux distro. I suppose people admire its simplicity.

I run both Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and while I like them both, I really do love Linux Mint. Cinnamon, in particular. Unlike Ubuntu, it is very customisable and provides a familiar Windows-like environment. Of course, Windows is my favourite operating system of all time (top 3: 7, 10, XP) - I love its practicality, its diversity and its interface... I suppose everything, really. And I really admire the way in which it is perfect for both the simplest of computer users and the most advanced. And don't forget just how perfect it is for business (Group Policy, etc.). But Linux Mint comes second. Linux Mint is probably the second-greatest operating system there is.

If you don't already run Mint, I really recommend it. Especially if you use Windows.


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