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About Linguistic Programmer

Hello, my name is Lachlan. But for this blog I have dubbed myself Linguistic Programmer as I prefer to be private on the internet.

I suppose my passion for computers all started when I was around five years old. My mum had got a new desktop and so I was given the old IBM one - complete with the IBM CRT monitor, the blue IBM speakers (which I still have lying around) and the IBM keyboard and scroll wheel-less mouse - to keep in my bedroom.

It's funny to think that at that time I had no idea how to turn a computer off. Though I was quick to learn after watching my mum: Start > Shut Down.

The computer ran the infamous Windows Millennium operating system, so forgive me when I say that there's a special place in my heart for the 90s version of Vista.

This was at the time when only the family desktop was connected to the Internet, and that was through a modem. Of course, I was too young to understand the concept of network connectivity and I would often open Internet Explorer on my beloved desktop only hoping that on that occasion it would load a website. This also reminds me of the time I'd spend (before it was my desktop) in the study watching, mesmerised, the Underwater screensaver with its captivating sounds.

It was probably a few years later when that desktop had its day. I recall it being one night-time, me crying on my bed while my parents tried to comfort me. In hindsight, maybe that kick-started my attraction to technology. The replacement was to be an Acer TravelMate laptop, which lasted a few years before becoming painfully slow. That was then succeeded by a trusty Toshiba Satellite Pro L300. (I suppose now would be fitting to say, bring back Toshiba laptops!)

Now, when it comes to my linguistic interest, I don't have as certain a starting point. But it was probably a few years ago. Though I've always loved reading and spelling. I have always been a strong speller and I love learning new words. I'm still yet to decide what my favourite word is.

Well, thank you for reading this and I hope you will find interest in this blog. You can find links to my websites and other online profiles around my blog.

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